Look at you! You’re living in Utica NY. You gotta new car, your moving into a new home and you’re part of the revitalization of the area. We’re your neighbor, we live close and we want to help you with insurance in the Utica NY area.

Insurance is a people business. When you meet with a local insurance agent in person, you can develop a personal relationship. Over time, we’ll become more familiar with you, your life, business and well we already know the area I’d like to hope we become friends.

We Are Always Acting In YOUR Best Intrest!

As your insurance agent, your neighbor , your friend… we want to help the community and you. As an agent we will review your coverages prior to renewal and may suggest changes or upgrades.

What you get with an Independent Insurance agent in Utica

Choice of Insurers

As independent agents represent multiple insurers, We can obtain quotes on your behalf from several sources. Insurance products offered by one insurer may differ in price and scope of coverage from those offered by another. Your agent can help you compare policies and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Independent agents are familiar with the insurers they represent. We know what what you43 looking for. We’ve already done all the work. We know whats out there and we can advise you to make the best decisions.

Claims Assistance

One benefit of using an independent the Rowan Group is that you will get help filing claims. If an accident occurs, you can report the event to your agent, who will then notify your insurer. We will help you fill out claim forms and can advocate on your behalf if problems arise. We are familiar with claims handling procedures and the amounts typically paid for various types of losses. After your claim is paid, your agent can tell you whether the payment amount seems reasonable.

Risk Assessment

We are trained in risk assessment. As your independent agent, we can review your home, business and auto policies to help you identify the major risks. We can prioritize your risks and determine which are insurable

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    Options for Property Insurance

    Homeowners Insurance
    Condominium Insurance
    Earthquake Insurance
    Flood Insurance
    High Net Worth Coverage
    Mobile (Manufactured) Home Insurance

    Look into Insurance for your vehicle

    Auto Insurance
    ATV Insurance
    Boat & Marine Insurance
    Collector Car Insurance & Classic Car Insurance

    Business Insurance for all Your Needs

    Business Owners Package Insurance
    Commercial Auto Insurance
    Commercial Property Insurance
    Commercial Umbrella Insurance
    Contractor’s General Liability Insurance
    Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
    Garage Insurance
    Auto Dealers Insurance
    Auto Repair Shops Insurance
    Auto Collision Repair Insurance
    Commercial Insurance
    Excavation Services Insurance
    Landscaping Insurance
    Snow Removal Insurance
    General Contractors Insurance