The first snowfall of the year is always the worse for drivers and its very busy for us who write insurance in Utica NY. It’s as if we forget that snow and ice makes the roads slippery. So here is a reminder for all you CNY drivers that will help you get your snow state of mind back.

4 Things you already know about winter driving, but need to be reminded of because we care

1. SLOW DOWN… yeah you. Just go a little slower, it doesn’t matter if you have 4WD, AWD and the best snow tires on the market. If you slow down and remind yourself how winter driving goes you’ll keep yourself out of the bitch or worse yet a hospital.

We’re also used to Summer driving now and our minds are in GO FAST mode. Go slower for your sake and for the sake of the other drivers on the road.

2. Stay off that phone! You already know its not smart, but using your phone while you’re driving in icy conditions could be a real disaster.

3. Be a DEFENSIVE DRIVER. You’re reading this and are conscious of your diving, but there are a ton of drivers who are not going to slow down, be defensive and even get off their phones during a snowy commute.

The means you need to be cautious and keep an eye out for reckless driver. Getting in an accident isn’t fun for anyone. So avoid it at all costs.

4. STAY HOME! Do you really need to go out and drive before the snow plows clear the roads. Some of us have to. But if you don’t, then please just stay home until you can see the asphalt.

Every year in CNY when the first snow fall comes we are bombarded with calls. We are on the phone with customers with helping to file claims for getting in accidents that could’ve been prevented by avoiding the 4 things above. We know, you know how to drive. So please do yourself a favor and pay attention out there. You can avoid the winter fender benders we believe in you.