Snowmobile Insurance in Utica NY

When sled season arrives, all you can think about is getting out on your snowmobile. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the worry out of your favorite winter sport and focus on the thrill of riding? With The Rowan Group’s snowmobile insurance and the support of an agent, you can rest easy, knowing you’ll never ride alone.

Snowmobile Insurance Coverages

Liability insurance. We all make mistakes. If you cause an accident on the snow, our liability coverages will help pay for injuries, property damage, first aid, lost wages and court costs, so you can focus on getting back to the sport you love. Covered drivers include you, relatives in your household and others who are driving your snowmobile with your permission. If you want more coverage — ask your agent for higher liability limits or a Personal Liability Umbrella policy.

Collision and comprehensive coverages. After deductible, our collision and comprehensive coverages help pay for repairs if your snowmobile is damaged, or pays you the value if it’s a total loss or is stolen. With collision coverage, you’re protected if you are involved in a rollover or an accident with another snowmobile or stationary objects. Comprehensive insurance protects you in the event of theft or damage from fire, vandalism and falling objects. The season is short, so we work quickly to get you back on the trails before you even realize you left.

Personal property and safety apparel coverage. Don’t forget your snowmobile gear! Add this snowmobile policy from The Rowan Group and you also get coverage up to $200 for personal property and $1,000 in safety riding apparel.

Trailer coverage. You can’t ride if you can’t get to the trails. Add trailer coverage to your snowmobile policy for even more peace of mind.

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